Thrifting in Denmark

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography : G Fifa | Editor: James Strauss

Copenhagen, one city that I visited and was like ” humans here are very stylish “. I recently took a trip to Europe, as I have never left the continent of Africa before this.  When I started out as a photographer back in 2012 I use to love roaming around the Cape Town CBD in search of new locations to shoot etc. 

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StreetStyle: SAMW – AW16

 Cape Town fashion is known to be very laid back, same goes for the city atmospheres. A lot of the natives claim it’s a reflection of the environment which surrounds Cape Town. So, I thought to myself, this can’t be true, and the best place to check this out was on the first Fashion week of the year, right here in Cape Town, The South African Menswear Week.
I documented the whole event and my conclusion was, It’s def laid back, however, that does not mean in any way we(as a Capetonian myself) are less dope, but it means we are ourselves in a super dope way, lol I am so biased. 
Have a look for yourself.

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