Battery Park

Words: Zeus Feni| Photography: Sarah Keogh| Assistant: Jade | Editor: Elethu Papu

A few years ago I developed a strong appreciation for fitness and it has been growing year on year ever since. It began when a good friend of mine, Sisanda, invited me to this intense gym, 360, and after a brutal session, the euphoria I felt thereafter was indescribable.

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Hayden Uninterrupted

Written: Zeus Feni| Filmed by Thando Ntsabiso| Produced: Sisanda Mgedezi |Video Editor: Nastmalust Social |Editor: SJ Stevens

Read: 3min

Hayden Manuel is one of the few rare breeds of Kaapthentic street style, street culture and an intense collector of sneakers with a bag of taste. Like the few who do blossom in Cape Town, he unintentionally put his city on the map, added more clout to the previously underlooked culture of the city. Now the city is no longer a novice but is now recognised as one of the hubs of South Africa for street/sneaker culture. This man now heads up the SportStyle division of Puma South Africa, when he’s not travelling for new kicks to add to his collection, Hayden is probably coming up with creative solutions to counter business problems through design and creativity.

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Spring Is that you?

My cousin/brother paid me a visit this past weekend all the way from the city of gold. 
Not to mention he is undoubtedly the biggest AKA fan there is. 
Meet George Nyoka, very stylish brother originally from Port Elizabeth. My introduction to Zara was through him, the one law he polices me on is: Simplest is key.  

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Coat Roshe

Living in a city neighbouring the second largest ocean in the world, it is bound to get windy with ‘the waters’ falling from the sky.
Meet Coat Roshe, a detective from lower Woodstock, Cape Town, who travels the city solving perplex crimes with his younger brother (a figment of my imagination).
I created this character because when I complain that its cold. It’s said to be all in the mind. How does this relate?
Swimming lions solve maths problems. What?

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