Aphiwe’s Act

Words: Zeus Feni |Producer: Sisanda Mgedezi | Filmed by Aubrey Ndiweni

The one thing I appreciate from the homies I grew up with, is seeing all the shit we talk about (our dreams being a big part of it) come to fruition. One of those homies is my boy AP or as he is known on television and my basically everyone Aphiwe Mkefe.

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Hunters Hacks

Photography: Sisanda Mgedezi | Video: Thando Ntsabiso

Hunter Rose is a Cape Town-born artist who is making all sort of waves in the music interest with her amazing neo-soul sound. She is versatile and I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of her time to find out what makes her tick, what are her life hacks and what is in store for us with her music coming out soon. The Art Study series video with her is below.

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Ithini iBuda?

Words: Zeus Feni | Videography: Thando Ntsabiso

Zola Msizi is a model and actor from Port Elizabeth, living in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a brand ambassador for South Africa’s cutting-edge formal wear brand C squared. Whenever I see him it is always a vibe, the PE confidence always oozing out and we are on some “Ithini iBuda?” every time we greet each other.

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Getting Threaded

Words: Zeus Feni | Photography: Sisanda Mgedezi | Editor: Sj Stevens | Video Editor: James Strauss

When we’re young we dream, we dream out loud and at the age of 18 most of us stop dreaming, out loud that is, and if we don’t, the people around us don’t understand why we’re still dreaming. One man who never stopped dreaming is Siya Beyile, who as early as in his high school years dreamt of starting a creative agency. Fast forward to today and that dream has manifested itself in the form of The Threaded Man.

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Afrocentric Gentlemen

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography: Sisanda Mgedezi

Afrocentrism is a cultural ideology or worldview that focuses on the history of black Africans. It is a response to global Eurocentric/Orientalist attitudes about African people and their historical contributions.
Meet the Afrocentric gentlemen @menzi_xonx

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The one memory that lingers in my head, is when I got my first pair of high-top Dickies as a youngin’ ( remember them, I know right! ) . Where I am from, it was either that or Converse All Star. It was a Clash of the Titans, like Nike and Adidas or Apple and Samsung.

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Spring Is that you?

My cousin/brother paid me a visit this past weekend all the way from the city of gold. 
Not to mention he is undoubtedly the biggest AKA fan there is. 
Meet George Nyoka, very stylish brother originally from Port Elizabeth. My introduction to Zara was through him, the one law he polices me on is: Simplest is key.  

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