Nox’s Notes

Written: Zeus Feni | Filmed: Brian Charlie|Prouder: Sisanda Mgedezi

The more I interview GOATS, the more I get inspired and start finding nuances and common threads that all successful people have, but like a good fake scientist, I can not conclude my research yet. One thing, however, that has stood out in this interview, in particular, is being versatile.

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Coffee anyone?

Words: Zeus Feni | Videography: Thando Nstabiso | Stills: Brian Charlie

Coffee is just coffee, right? Wrong! Had a chat with South African Barista champion @Winston_Douglas as he shared insights right before he jets off to NYC for the Black Coffee event where he will be engaged in dialogue about race and coffee culture.

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Getting Threaded

Words: Zeus Feni | Photography: Sisanda Mgedezi | Editor: Sj Stevens | Video Editor: James Strauss

When we’re young we dream, we dream out loud and at the age of 18 most of us stop dreaming, out loud that is, and if we don’t, the people around us don’t understand why we’re still dreaming. One man who never stopped dreaming is Siya Beyile, who as early as in his high school years dreamt of starting a creative agency. Fast forward to today and that dream has manifested itself in the form of The Threaded Man.

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” Not now Randy! “

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography : Sisanda Mgedezi

You most probably figured it out by now, yup, his name is Earl. Unlike Earl Hickey who never gave his brother time for anything until it was too late, Earl Abrahams took sometime out of his schedule to teach his little bro ( because I low key think we were separated at birth ) some Inline skating. 

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The one memory that lingers in my head, is when I got my first pair of high-top Dickies as a youngin’ ( remember them, I know right! ) . Where I am from, it was either that or Converse All Star. It was a Clash of the Titans, like Nike and Adidas or Apple and Samsung.

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Recently met up with Boombap enthusiast, streetwear lover and homie, Luthando Mankayi. I met this guy through Sj Stevens,  they were working together at Topman whilst I was at Cotton On, back in the retail days not to long ago. I really admired his streetwear style, he always had these sick jackets. Never the less, we agreed when we return from Initiation School, we’d do something for the upcoming winter and this is what happened. 

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