Battery Park

Words: Zeus Feni| Photography: Sarah Keogh| Assistant: Jade | Editor: Elethu Papu

A few years ago I developed a strong appreciation for fitness and it has been growing year on year ever since. It began when a good friend of mine, Sisanda, invited me to this intense gym, 360, and after a brutal session, the euphoria I felt thereafter was indescribable.

From then on, nothing was the same. I have just been using fitness to stay healthy, I watch what I eat and work on my fitness content, basically use my time as productively as I can and it has been fantastic.

Fast forward to the present day, Sarah Keogh and I, whenever we meet, we always strategize ib establishing new business ideas or sit and plan on new projects we can collaborate on. Recently she proposed that she presents herself as my IG wife and assist on content that I would love to showcase. So I thought since have been trying to work with Puma for the longest time, this would be the perfect collaboration because let’s be honest she is lethal with the camera. If you don’t know what I am talking about look at the shit she came up with when we shot at Battery Park.

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