Aphiwe’s Act

Words: Zeus Feni |Producer: Sisanda Mgedezi | Filmed by Aubrey Ndiweni

The one thing I appreciate from the homies I grew up with, is seeing all the shit we talk about (our dreams being a big part of it) come to fruition. One of those homies is my boy AP or as he is known on television and my basically everyone Aphiwe Mkefe.

He is an actor & film-maker who recently got his first role on a major South African TV channel called Mzansti Magic and new mini-series called Nkululeko. His most recent role was on a new (at the time of writing this piece) film called “Letters of Hope”. Saying I am proud and bias would be an understatement. But we do not tell him that, for all the times he made terrible ‘going out plans’ and/or selling dreams in terms of us having fun.

There is not much I am going to tell you about him that conventional media and all the press his been getting that you already do not know. However, if you want to know something the “media” doesn’t know about AP, hit me up below and I will plug you on the nonsense we done did together or better yet just ask him. Never the less I caught up with the boy on his latest projects and wanted to know how one can pursue.

For now, I am out.

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