Hayden Uninterrupted

Written: Zeus Feni| Filmed by Thando Ntsabiso| Produced: Sisanda Mgedezi |Video Editor: Nastmalust Social |Editor: SJ Stevens

Read: 3min

Hayden Manuel is one of the few rare breeds of Kaapthentic street style, street culture and an intense collector of sneakers with a bag of taste. Like the few who do blossom in Cape Town, he unintentionally put his city on the map, added more clout to the previously underlooked culture of the city. Now the city is no longer a novice but is now recognised as one of the hubs of South Africa for street/sneaker culture. This man now heads up the SportStyle division of Puma South Africa, when he’s not travelling for new kicks to add to his collection, Hayden is probably coming up with creative solutions to counter business problems through design and creativity.

After Chatting to him I really wanted to know if one is able to make a living from their passion, more so through the love of street culture. What I gathered is that there are so many avenues one could take, and that’s the trick according to him, diversifying your route. Just understand the business, broaden your perspective outside of what you love and really keep learning so you can find opportunities where you less expect.

The bars came in plethoras and made me realize that your experiences also shape the outlook you have on your grind and what you then have to offer.
Check out the full interview in the link above and hear more from our chat.

Gang Gang !

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