Getting Threaded

Words: Zeus Feni | Photography: Sisanda Mgedezi | Editor: Sj Stevens | Video Editor: James Strauss

When we’re young we dream, we dream out loud and at the age of 18 most of us stop dreaming, out loud that is, and if we don’t, the people around us don’t understand why we’re still dreaming. One man who never stopped dreaming is Siya Beyile, who as early as in his high school years dreamt of starting a creative agency. Fast forward to today and that dream has manifested itself in the form of The Threaded Man.

I only met Siya 2 years ago, which led to his company requesting me to shoot some content for them during Cape Town Fashion Week, and whenever he visited Cape Town I would document his style on a commission of course. Because he believes in paying creatives for their work. Now to those who don’t know who Siya Beyile is, well….. (freestyle)

Siya Beyile is the founder and CEO of the Threaded Man Group (Pty), a well-known fashion icon and entrepreneur in the fashion industry of Africa/SA. Siya started as a blogger in (get the year) and since then has transformed his business into a platform and more so a portal that culminates itself in 90% of the creative exploits of the creative industry. So, with that CV, that clout, I had to have a chat with him and hear how the homie got to where he is and where he’s headed for in the future. Like a fly in a glass of milk, the one thing that stood out for me was investing in oneself and building one’s own eco-systems. This has been the basis throughout our conversations and prior to our friendship, it’s always amazing to witness someone grow in all aspects and Siya has emulated growth in its truest form. All of this happening in the very brief time that I’ve known him.

Take notes as you listen to the bars that he drops on how to build your own brand and business from the ground up, I sure did and learned a lot too.

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