Afrocentric Gentlemen

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography: Sisanda Mgedezi

Afrocentrism is a cultural ideology or worldview that focuses on the history of black Africans. It is a response to global Eurocentric/Orientalist attitudes about African people and their historical contributions.
Meet the Afrocentric gentlemen @menzi_xonx

This brother is always looking dapper, he is an entertainment consulting, luxury content creator, GQ best-dressed man 2017 and a creative entrepreneur. The one thing I learned from the gentle brother is, it’s okay to be a jack of all trades, however, first learn to master one thing that applies to your business and/or brand then add all the other layers later to achieve full automation.

oo many times I have battled with wanting to pursue my interest all at once, in doing so I kinda shot myself in the foot, however when I taught myself to focus on one thing at a time, things became brighter.

His inspiration came from his uncle who was the dandy of the family and he later started his blog called Made in Johannesburg and would thrift his pieces. He became serious and visited Mumbai, India, looking for a supplier/tailor for custom-made suits from there, there was no stopping him to be what he is today.

Knock yourself out! check out more of his work!

 : @menzi_xonx

Peace & Love | Strength & Guidance

Black People are Beautiful

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