Thrifting in Denmark

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography : G Fifa | Editor: James Strauss

Copenhagen, one city that I visited and was like ” humans here are very stylish “. I recently took a trip to Europe, as I have never left the continent of Africa before this.  When I started out as a photographer back in 2012 I use to love roaming around the Cape Town CBD in search of new locations to shoot etc. 

I later thought in order to properly discover the city I had to find thrift stores as they usual hidden and finding them will give me a different perspective of the city.  Present day, I was out in Demark shooting Copenhagen Fashion Week and after a fun-filled week of street stylers and amazing designers, the only thing that was left is discovering the city. Obviously, this happened through checking out the dopest thrift stores the Danish have to offer. 

With a focus on the KĂžbenhavn K area, I tried my best to cover a range of nostalgic offerings, from Western, old military garb, 90s throwbacks, down to rockabilly wear. Come along and hopefully this video helps with your gig next time you visit Copenhagen.

Peace and Love

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