The Village Boy in search of gold

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography : Sisanda Mgedezi

If there is one person in the creative industry who is persistent and puts in the work, it is definitely the village boy in search of gold. Who’s that? Anesu Chogugudza, his a model, style influencer and Markham brand ambassador. 

The cool thing about him, besides his impeccable work ethic, is that he is a very chilled guy, I was his senior in high school and his father taught me Mathematics in the 9th grade. So basically, I have seen him morphe into the guy he is now, which is really cool to witness, from the kid who used to play soccer during lunch breaks to runway model for Cape Town’s top fashion brands.

We had a chat the other day over coffee about his journey in the fashion industry and how it all started. The one thing that stood out was his persistence.

 ” I too, knocked on many doors (and still knocking) however, that is part of the game, your resilience is constantly being tested by life to check if you will go the distance, ”  his says.

It all started when he won a competition from Markham and has been proving himself over and over since then.

” Opportunities are all around us, yet we rarely grab them and if we do, we never utilise them to their full potential. ” says the young lad.

He has amazing style, I get a lot of my suit inspirations from him because he always has it locked.

I was surprised to see him in denim and the look was very effortless and clean, which made for a great conversation as I was really inspired by our chat.

You want to find out more about the gentle brother. you already know

Anesu Chogugudza

Peace & Love

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