The one memory that lingers in my head, is when I got my first pair of high-top Dickies as a youngin’ ( remember them, I know right! ) . Where I am from, it was either that or Converse All Star. It was a Clash of the Titans, like Nike and Adidas or Apple and Samsung.

 My brother and I attended the Dickies 1922 Heritage Collection preview a couple of days ago. What a collection, so much fire. Cava the jacket. Trust. 

I got schooled about the origins of denim and the distinctions between Japanese and American crafted denim. My conclusions, you probably won’t see me in those orange sneakers that I had when I was 12 or a ” spoti ” but you will find me copping the pieces of denim and jackets. ( They had this navy colourway…too lit )

S/O to Thando from PressRoom for the invite. Please do yourself a favour, have a glance at the collection, let me know what you think. 

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