” Not now Randy! “

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography : Sisanda Mgedezi

You most probably figured it out by now, yup, his name is Earl. Unlike Earl Hickey who never gave his brother time for anything until it was too late, Earl Abrahams took sometime out of his schedule to teach his little bro ( because I low key think we were separated at birth ) some Inline skating. 

I was not the only one who was getting lessons that day. Earl was on his way to teach some young lads Inline skating where he grew up in Bonteheuwel, with his background working in the NGO space it almost comes naturally to him to care for others all day every day. Might I add he is the coolest human you will ever meet, very humble character.

Known for his photography, he is currently working on the third part of his Spoken Portrait series, where he connects with different individuals from vast industries, getting there thoughts on what creativity means to them. 

What is #SpokenPortraits

#SpokenPortraits is a project driven by my desire to get to know each individual featured, and an opportunity to embrace all diversity that exists around me.

I start by asking a simple question – ‘Who are you / what does creativity mean to you/ why coffee etc, and allow the person to freely express and share whatever they want to, in a language of their choice. The person’s response to the question is then synced with a portrait captured – thus creating a spoken portrait.

The beauty of listening with your eyes, then engaging one’s ears and mono-directional communication allows for a muting of our desire for instant gratification. In a sense, all we can do in response is exactly that, engage, open ourselves up to merely receiving without the ability to offer opinion or criticism – a characteristic we within the scope of social media have grown less accustomed to doing.

Where do you draw inspiration from ?
I find inspiration through connecting with people. Whether it be an artist, nurse, street sweeper etc. Everyone has a story in which we can draw inspiration from.
How long have you been doing photography and what got you into it ?

I started shooting about 6 years ago , but only got serious about it during the last 2 years. Inline skating got me into photography and being surrounded by brilliant extreme sports photographers got me super juiced to start my journey in photography.

Here are some words Earl lives by, perhaps you can draw inspiration from it.

Live your dreams – these are words that I’ve lived by for many years, no matter whether I’m working a fulltime job that does not involve my passion or that I don’t enjoy, I still have the power to live out my dreams in other spaces. We shouldn’t let out challenges/hurdles define and stop us from pursuing our dreams and passions, instead we should use them to propel us towards our destiny. 

Do the most and check out his social media for all updates on his work. 


Peace & Love | Strength & Guidance 

Black People are Beautiful 

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