Cyber Monday

Words : Zeus Feni | Photography : Sisanda Mgedezi

The excitement was through the roof for BlackFriday that took place this past weekend, retailers reducing their prices by 25 – 30 % off, which I thought was totally nothing new and trash. I was expecting dirt cheap prices in all retailers, nevertheless, while everyone was out shopping, I had a chat over tea cup cocktails with an old friend Cher McQueen Dreyer at Orphanage Cocktail Emporium

Cherbit (childhood name)  gave me a bit of detail on her journey in the fashion industry and some education on the history of Black Friday.

The one thing that has remained consistent in our friendship is the laughs, oh! and the love for fashion. Cher currently holds honours in trend forecasting and a degree in fashion design.

I wanted to know from her if there is anything she thought the South African industry is lacking. 
The South African fashion industry has really reached a zenith lately, I go to fashion week and I am stunned at how personal and homegrown all the aesthetics of the collections are. I like that South African designers and the industry are really focused on the local market and what consumers need as opposed to giving them what european brands give them. But what the industry lacks is support .
I find consumers love to brag about local fashion, but when they have to put money to it then its a different story. But I believe it is changing , there are small groups of people who are appreciating local fashion and are buying into it.

To be perfectly subjective, Zoom’s Aria sandal in tan and black is the bomb dot com(cant attach pic but am launching soon)
obviously your homeboy, does not want you to miss out,

so follow her social media pages & blog for the latest updates.

Peace & Love | Strength & Guidance 
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