If street culture and sneaker culture had a baby, it would be NotSoSupaMega.Meet Shannon Peterson, a firm believer in individualism and embraces this as his truth.

After high-school I had taken a break from all things books, started working at an Australian retailer now known as Cotton On, which is where I met the sneaker enthusiast. 
Present Day : I had not seen Shannon in over a year so I was amped when he agreed to reminisce over a juice box and a bike ride ( S/O to & Bikes for classic bicycles they provided ). His upbringing in Mitchells Plain and myself in Gugulethu, is a clear indication that this was not new to us,however, a dope throw back.

 I had not seen him in a while so first question was a obvious one. 
How is the fam bro ? What is the one dope thing about being a dad? 
Honestly I couldn’t mention just one cool thing about being a dad, the entire journey is just something really special. My daughter really is my best friend’s and watching her grow over these part four years has been a blessing. I know very little about the sneaker culture, which is part of the reason we having this conversation, what is the biggest misconception about the culture ?
Like any culture, the sneaker culture has a few misconceptions and misunderstandings. Sneaker heads have been given so many different labels by people who have almost no understanding of the culture, e.g is that we buy all these sneakers and don’t wear them, which isn’t true. I wouldn’t ever spend money on something then allow it to catch dust inside of a box. With that being said, people think you need to own 100’s of pairs to be a sneaker head and I strongly disagree. I personally own just over 20 pair’s but I’ve always believed in quality over quantity.

His genuine character and beliefs in self-reliance are very much a motivator to the extent that he inked some wise words on his body that reads 
” Dream like you’re going to live forever, live like you’re going to die today ” 
After a young chat and a tour through the Jack Lemkus store, I was curious to find out what is he rocking this spring?
 I know we’re going into Spring but honestly, I’m excited about the Nike Sneaker Boot Collection that drops on November 3rd. Even though I own a few Low top kicks, High tops have always been my steez.

Do check the brother social media pages for his updates on all things life. 

@Notsosupamega | Shannon Peterson

All Peace and Love  | Black people are Beautiful 

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