I was pretty amped when I received a brief from Elle Magazine which was basically about collaboration & story telling, I mean it is kinda my thing #TeamPlayer alert! (DJ Khaled voice) . I really enjoy working with a team of people, reason being there are so many ideas in a pot, which can become very exciting, none the less I approached Julia Mpoko from MOKA ELOSA who is no stranger to Elle magazine with a concept title Troglodyte. 

Naturally before you jump into things, there is always those Q&As that build very good conversation and are very insightful have a look below. 

I first discovered her work at SAMW-AW16, I was super impressed. I struggled explaining the concept I had in mind to her, which I found hilarious, never the less she trusted me and we began discussing the process & vision.Once everything was in order, great minds came together and we created magic. Thank you to all the people who helped me out on this project. 

Credits : 
Make up & Hair : Justine Alexander 
Models : Tukiya Mulusa & Jae Won Kim
Art Direction : Sj Stevens & Zeus Feni
Photography : Zeus Feni
Post-production : Sisanda Mgedezi 
Designer : Julia Mpoko – MOKA ELOSA 

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