The inspiration for this look came from how they did itΒ back in the day in Sophiatown, a not so small suburb in Johannesburg, South Africa with a deep history.Β 

If you wondering what happened,  I got your back.
Sophiatown was a legendary black cultural hub that was destroyed under apartheid, rebuilt under the name of Triomf, and in 2006 officially returned to its original name. Sophiatown was one of the oldest black areas in Johannesburg and its destruction represents some of the excesses of South Africa under apartheid. Despite the violence and poverty, it was the epicentre of politics, jazz and blues during the 1940s and 1950s. It produced some of South Africa’s most famous writers, musicians, politicians and artists. 

Photography: Nkadi Mc & Thasy Jansen

Double Breasted Suit: @Nevernewobs

Suspenders: @Topman_SA

Tie: @Edgars

Socks: @CottonOnAfrica

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